Set 3 Decimals

Good evening,

we would want to define in our site in products 3 decimals

For example 0.085

But we see that it is not feasible. Is there any way that we can manage the values in this way

Thanks in advance


  1. Admin panel → Administration → Currencies → Edit currency → Set “Decimals” to 3
  2. Go to phpmyadmin and run following Query

ALTER TABLE `cscart_product_prices` CHANGE `price` `price` DECIMAL( 12, 3 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.000'

!!! Please make db backup before.

We tried it for CS-Cart 4.2.4.

Thank you.

Thank you very much. With this way work perfectly

Thanks again

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Thank you very much. With this way work perfectly


Note that in other tables the prices still will be stored in the DECIMAL(12, 2) format (e.g. order details, etc)

Proposed to change in all tables about price;;;;


is any way to set decimals depends to usergroup?

Fow example i want, customers that set as wholesale usergroup can see 4 decimals

thanks in advance

Please check