Services Shopping


I’ve installed the CE edition (to begin with), read all the doc. etc. Very impressed.

This post is about extending the scope of CS-cart to services suppliers - insurance, travel, etc.

Defining a service as :

  • a product without shipping
  • a product with time attributes :start date, end date


    It seems to me that this is configurable in CS-cart already. Would you agree?

    Because services are time related, it would be nice for the services-cart to be in the form of a time-line (configurable in days, weeks, months or years) where services can be dragged, forward, ahead of each other, etc allowing the customer to see the coverage of the services in time.

    Especially relevant to insurance and travel.

    Best wishes to all.

You can disable shipping entirely (store wide) or marking a product as downloadable.

There is a multitude of options however you'll need to refine what you require.

Service will require custom modifications, ask Alt-Team for that

Selling services through CS-Cart is extremely simple. There is a few different ways to make this work.

However, integrating the advanced UI features you have described will require some custom work.