Service Unavailable After Transfer To Another Vps (Same Domain)


I had a perfectly functional cs-cart store (running version 4+) on a VPS. However, I had to switch hosting companies for some reason so I have created a full cpanel backup and transferred the website to another VPS (changed nameservers, so the domain remained the same)

I've restored that backup, everything went fine. However, when I checked the website, I see that storefront default error … Service Unavailable: [color=#000000][font=Tahoma][size=5][center]Sorry, service is temporarily unavailable.[/center][/size][/font][/color]

It gives the same error for the backend as well, so there's no way I can access the website.

I'm looking trough the logs and I see no error. I've enabled error reporting… but still nothing.

My hosting provider had a look in the server logs and found the following error:



[color=#3C3E43]No storefronts defined for this domain[/color]

[color=#3C3E43]Error at[/color]

[color=#3C3E43]app/functions/fn.init.php, line: 949[/color]









[color=#3C3E43]Can someone please help me out with this…[/color]

[color=#3C3E43]Again… the URL remained the same. Also, I've tried installing a new CS-cart store on the new server and it works, so all the system requirements are met.[/color]

[color=#3C3E43]Thank you.[/color]

Hm… Actually i was able to make the store work by following the following steps

Basically, perform a new CS-cart installation then replace all the files with the old ones (but keep the new config.local.php)

Replace the content of the newly created database with the content of the old database (but keep the new database name, so it works with the new config.local.php)

Details below:


[]Backup all of your website's files and download the backup to the computer

]Delete all files from the server

[]Perform a fresh cs-cart installation

]After the cs-cart installation is done (and successfull) download the config.local.php file to your computer.

[]Delete all the files of the new installation

]Restore the backup of your old website's files

[]Overwrite the config.local.php with the one you've downloaded (from the fresh installation)


[]Go to phpMyAdmin and select the newly created database

]Remove all it's content

[*]Export the content of the old website's database and import it in the newly created database


That's it. Hopefully if someone else is getting this issue, my post can help.

[indent=1]hi guys… do you try to access a website with or without www ??? [/indent]

[indent=1]maybee this is your issue[/indent]


sometimes… it takes 24hours for servers to change… have you everything updated correctly? dns settings and so ?

@clauuudiu that's an aweful lot of work to essentially just end up with a new config.local.php…


The dns changes were made at the server level. I have transferred 25 sites and the one on cscart was the only one with issues.

It showed “service unavailable” on both www and non-www. Now it works ok on both.

@tbirnset: it took me about 10 minutes :)

It's to do with the way the file is fed in to the database. You can do what is suggested but it's extremely long winded, like has been mentioned to change one file.

All you need to do is - update the config.local.php file with the new domain and then in phpmyadmin (or mysqladmin) select the table called cscart_companies and edit both “storefront” and “secure_storefront” fields to the name of the new URL (IE -

The first bit isn't necessary (updating config.local.php) but is best practice should you upgrade at a later date.

The reason this works is because the config.local.php file is read into the system when it is updated or installed but a standard transfer of the site to a different VPS won't also update the DB.

If you are using mysql the following will do the same (change [yourdomain] to your domain!!!)

UPDATE llcart.cscart_companies SET url = '[yourdomain]', storefront = '[yourdomain]', secure_storefront = '[yourdomain]' WHERE cscart_companies.company_id = 1;

Hope this helps - has worked for us on a dozen carts now.