Server Migration/product Images

We moved our website to a new host provider and to a VPS setup. Everything moved over fine, except now when we go to the individual products in admin side, we can not change the images for a product. If we click on the local button, choose our image, then save, it does not upload the file. Also when trying to do a product import via CVS, the progress bar shows but never moves. The new hosting company believes that something did not transfer correctly and wants to do a new transfer. I believe there is a server setting that needs to be changed, but I do no know what it might be.

Forgot to mention this is on version 4.1.3 and after upgrading to 4.1.5. No change on either version.

Is config file setup, paths correct?

All file paths are correct, the frontend works properly. Using pHpmyAdmin I see that the database table -images_links- is not getting changed.