Serired Config In New 256 Version

Hi Guys

I have a site in 4.2.5 and my client has a working ServiRed account (old protocol).

He got a new 256 password for the updated security at Redsys.

I have gone into the Redsys account cpanel, and need to add in the Return / Confirmation URL.

Also there are 2 more boxes called OK, and KO which I assume are the payment approved, payment rejected responses.

What is the correct CS URL path for this? There is no instructions in the CS reference pdf on here. Nor is there a read me file in the ServiRed folder.

Last question: do I need the client site to be HTTPS? I think using an off sited processor / gateway that handles the security is enough i.e. no HTTPS required in CS-Cart installation?

Any help would be great guys!