Serious problem - It is shocking! Order confirmation doesn't work!

It is shocking!

We have launched our new shop (cs cart 2.0.6) two months ago and today noticed (received a complaint) there is no email order confirmation is being sent to customer when they place a new order. When you process the order, then the completed order emails are being sent properly. I have made several test orders as a customer and did not receive any order confirmation.

The default email settings in the admin section (Administration >> Settings >> Emails) is not working any more. I have tested with the options via php mail function and via sendmail program. Both the not sending any email confirmation notifications. I have read a thread and found it is working only with the ‘SMTP Server’ option. Unfortunately we do not want to use SMTP server option. Anybody got a solution?

Please check your cs cart and let me know your comments.


What status are the orders which do not receive emails? If the status is “Open”, then you must have “Notify customer” checked for the “Open” status in Orders>Order statuses.


I couldnt get them to work either, basically it sounds like a bug that cs want payment for to fix!

I had to use SMTP server option, to get any confirmations.

As Bob said, you have to check your Order Status settings to make sure each status is set to notify the customer. I am not using SMTP and my emails are working just fine now once I realized that Open orders did not, by default, have the notice set to notify the customer. I set up the appropriate emails on my host side then set up “via php mail function” and have not had any problems receiving emails to admin or customers.


Even I am having the same issue. When customers place orders, they are not getting any “ORDER CONFIRMATION” alerts to their email. However, when I click on CANCEL, COMPLETE, PROCESSED buttons on my admin panel, those alerts are sent. What could be the reason? I am not using any payment gateways, it just only COD option.

Hello, mifzal!

The following order notification options can be set in CS-Cart for each order status:

“Notify customer” - the order notification will be sent to the customer;

“Notify orders department” - the order notification will be sent to the store administrator;

“Notify vendor” - the order notification will be sent to the vendor.

You can enable the mentioned options for each order status here (you need to click on the “Edit” link of the necessary order status):

Excellent. It worked. Thanks a lot