Serious hosting issues??

Today I printed out my orders, went to a movie with my kid, and when I came back, my database had gone completely missing. This is the second time this has happened this year. The only indicator that something was amiss was that my site, both front and backend was painfully slow (still is).

I went to the online chat of the host (hostgator) and they told me to contact support via email. They did not have a backup that they could restore for me since I was over the inode limit (nice of them to let me know…). The last db backup I did was a month ago.

I contact them, and begin to go through the painstaking process of piece by piece restoring my database (I get a timeout if I do it all at once) via myphpadmin. Before I am done, my database has returned up to March 21st (which is a bummer because I added a bunch of new products since then) with everything intact except the products on the orders. No return email except for automated response from hostgator. The last time I had this issue, I contacted hostgator I got no response, yet miraculously the db was restored.

I am beginning to think that my host has some serious issues they are not owning up to. How on earth would an entire db vanish and restore itself?

If this is a hosting issue, I’d certainly like to change, and even the inode limit is ridiculous. I have HOURS of work to do to catch up. Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi Moka,

I’ve always said that hostgator was ****…

There’s no real reason I could see a DB going missing that’s related directly to CS-Cart. If anything it’s the hosting company.

My suggestion is to move asap.


It is definitely a hosting issue. On my previous host, all of a sudden there would be a table dropped in the database and cs-cart wouldn’t even load. It happened twice. Then I switched hosts and that never happened again.

wow. … wow…

Ok. I guess I’m going to switch. I’ve contacted CyberLNC, hoping that they can help me transfer my site. On the other hand… this may be a good time to start my site developing on 2.0… although I just don’t have that kind of time…


I’d say that you have made the best choice!!!

Go with and your bugs and butterflies can fly happily… is the best hosting company! Keep going!!!