Serial or batch Numbers for products

Hi, I am new in Cscart I have compared it with many options it is the best choice ever evaluated.

However my former system could generate and handle as an option, a general and progresive individual serial number generated for each product coming into inventory ,this is very useful for the expensive & easy to loose products surch as processors, memory and hard disk drives etc. It should be a unique number and the field could be then related to the purchase, inventory, sales end even returns. It may be linked also to the manufacturer original serial number for an even tighter control.

When items come, system generates the correponding labels, then they are sticked into the retail box product or product itself, then when the product is going out for sale, with a barcode scanner you can quicky dispach the order and as the last step reading the product unique serial number, printing it into the invoice and deduct it from inventory.

The system allowed me to individualy follow up the product history

As an example you could notice the trip this unfortunated product took and where is expected to be found.

serial no 548765 …related to Seageate ATA 100gb model blabla bla sn wxe44334


PU (purchase) 548765… Bought @ ingram micro invoice 4553 date 12-08-07

IN2 (inventory) 548765… at warehouse number 2 date 12-08-07

SO (sold) 548765…Sold to customer GA003 date 12-17-07

RE (return) 548765… On return due to failure date 01-12-08

RM (returned manufacturer) 548765 …Date 01-15-08

BI ( back to inventory) 548765 date 02-15-08

IN1 ( inventory) 548765 Inventory at warehouse number 1

KI (kill) 548765 date 03-15-08 removed from inventory due to whatever accidentaly fell from the shell, outdated, failed again etc.

etc. etc.

My former system allowed me to achieved less that 0.5% of “inexplicable missing inventories” in 7 years and possibly saving me thousands of dollars!!

Also very useful if you could ever implement multiwarehouse system.