Serial Number for Products

Does CSC support serial numbers for products? If it does, could someone point me in the right direction as I can’t seem to locate where I would put this info?



What type of SN you are asking. No, it does not provide any SN.

Product serial numbers, like for an example I have 40 of one model / type of printers identical, each with its own serial number.


Hi, I will have a similar need for a client’s shop. She will be selling passes/gift certs for various fun activities around her city. The vendors will be supplying her with the serial numbers / unique codes for all the activities. A customer makes a purchase must get the code back via email or gift cart sent in the mail. The customer will then use this code to redeem at the activity location.

So can unique codes be issued to the same product? If not, can it be coded?




I sell software as ESD so I had to have CS-Cart modify the Cart to have a field where I could enter unique serial number and when a customer orders and pays for a product a serial number is removed from the backend (Admin) and put on the customers Invoice. Also consider that if a product has a serial number attached to it that payment methods need to either Credit Instant payment or PayPal. So there needs to be a check box option in Payment Methods to indicate which payment types can be use. IE mine has a checkable Downloadable See pic

Consider all possible problems/possibilities before requesting a quote.

Also consider having the Qt available dependent on how many serial Numbers available in the Admin,