Separate Template for Vendor Admin Area


I’m wanting to configure CS Cart Multivendor edition so that it utilizes a different template for the Vendor Admin area (vendor.php) as opposed to the Admin area (admin.php)? Currently, both areas rely on the same skin files - I need these to be separate so I can further customize the vendor area.

If anyone can tell me how I can do this, or at least where to begin, that would be much appreciated!

Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you but after playing around with the multi-vendor version for a few months I can say that they should really make a customization and translation mode for the Vendor view like they have for the storefront. This way the admin can easily adjust things on the vendor view. Right now it is a real PITA. You have no idea what areas are in what files. It’s like working blindfolded.

I would add it to the ideas list but I don’t have any votes to create it.