Separate Prices For Specific Customers

Hi everyone

We have a customer who is given a different set of prices than the general public. We'd like it so that when they log in and go to a product page they'll see their price displayed rather than the general public price. When they add the product to the cart they'll receive their price so long as they are logged in.

I know I can use the promotions to grant them a unique set of prices but this poses a few problems. Firstly, because the prices aren't a global percentage discount each product has to be entered as a separate bonus in the promotion. With potentially hundreds of products this would take forever to set up.


The second problem with this is that it has to be done as a cart promotion, not a catalogue promotion. this means that the customer won't see their buying price until they add the product to the cart. We would like them to be able to see their price on the product page, replacing the normal price value.

Does anyone know of an addon or modification that already exists for this sort of thing or is it something we'll have to have developed?

thanks in advance.


Hello, why not using quantity discount + user groups ?

Hello, why not using quantity discount + user groups ?

Thanks Darius

I think that will work! I'll give it a try.

Some additional details can be found here: