Separate Price per Customers

Is there any option through which I can set up separate rates/price for customers? I would say negotiated rate setup for customers.

Once I set discounted rates for specific customer, next time he/she logs in and get the discounted rates.

Currently, I am creating promotion for the user with specific item discounts. But just curious if there is an easy way.

Please advice.


Think “Usergroups” :wink:

Then use the Quantity discounts setups for products to apply a price to a group.

On this one, can a set price be given to seperate customers/user groups for the same product or does it have to be a discount off the list/sales price.

I want an apple to cost $1 for user group 1, $2 for user group 2, etc etc.

Yes my apples are expensive but goooood.:wink:


Note (and I think you’ve commented on) the Quanty discounts are a list of quantity, amount and usergroup.

I’ve read that the quantiy is NOT a minimum quantity, but rather a fixed quantity (which seems rather useless). But it could probably be fixed in the Javascript or controller where prices are calculated.

The price is a fixed price. So for each “line”, you can have a separate price. The modifiers then become the quantity and the usergroup. The Quantity discount tab on the product detail page in Admin is pretty straight forward.