Compliments to Lucien from Seonid

Besides providing great addons for cs-cart he also provides excellent customer service!!!

Highly recommended!!!

Second this. I have now had numerous dealings with him and some custom development on Logos and his customer service is second to none! Highly recommended. A+++

Yep, they are good, nice, & fast and have some add-ons that nobody else has, like the EU tax add-on and a multi language slider.

Nice addons but super customer service! Always on line. Thumbs up!


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Nice addons but super customer service! Always on line. Thumbs up!



I bought the headlines add on from him first class operation and great, timely support.

Thank you very much for your feedback !

Thanks for your help Lucian.

Highly recommend Seonid, excellent Add-ons and brilliant technical support.

Seonid will release a mobile themes for v3 soon!

love seonid just too much!

SEONID has been great, they have built two very complex CS-Cart Addon for us. One is the ability for us to import/export variation skus. This was essential for us integrate with are ERP system and SEONID did it fast, cost effective and did a great job testing and supporting the add-on after it was built.

Second SEONID did a build an CS-Cart Amazon Export Addon, so that we very easily export our CS-Cart products and inventory from CS-Cart into our Amazon account. This was very complex process, but they did a great job and essential for us Amazon business.

They also were able to easily upgrade the Addon to work with 3.0.3 when we upgraded our site.

If you are looking for Custom Add-on for CS-Cart, I would strongly recommend SEONID. They provide first class customer service, skype support, and great programming.

And Honestly, providing Skype support is essential with any complex customer development because if you can’t quickly talk and iron out the details of complex plugin, sometimes you spend 3/4 the time getting them to understand what you want.

Kerusso has been around for 25 years and the leader in Christian Apparel industry. SEONID is the first company we contact get any CS-cart Addon built. I recommend you do the same!



Lucien and team is AMAZING…helped customize their mobile skin to work with 2.2.4 and it looks fantastic. Dont hesitate wot work with them!

I recently purchased their Mobile Skin add-on for CS-Cart 3 and so far it's been great. I had been patiently waiting for them to bring this out because Twigmo doesn't work with my payment system (Stripe) and I was losing orders as a result.

The skin is still in beta, so I was aware there could be problems. Every time I reported a problem to Lucian and his team, they were right on it. I'm extremely pleased. Highly recommended.