Seonid - Authorized Cs-Cart reseller

Cs-Cart reseller : SEONID ( resells Cs-Cart software at lowest price possible:

CS-Cart professional Edition v. 2.1.4 at : $ 236

Seonid is a Cluj-Napoca, Romania based interactive web agency. We provide full services for CS-Cart. From hosting, licensing, graphic design, cs-cart design integration to custom cs-cart modules & add-ons.

For any other questions, feel free to contact us.


I sent you the email yesterday regarding problem with mobile skin license, also can't access your website for somedays. Please reply asap. Thank you.

Yesterday was Sunday, so they might have been closed ;)

And their website is working fine… ?

Hi Flow,

Yes. My apologize to Seonid, I forgot that yesterday was Sunday.

And I just be able to access their website now. I guess that’s because of my ISP (discuss with them this morning).

No more problem with can’t validate license.

Thank you. ;)

Hello Rose, indeed we experienced some problems with our servers during weekend. =(

I have already sent you a response, if you are still having problems, please contact us anytime.

You can see our working schedule and local time on our website.