Hii guys, I notice the SEO urls aren’t actually using /top-category/sub-category/ all they seem to care about is the /sub-category/ or the last category in the structure?

This is a tiny bit of a problem in my eyes, as something I’m trying to accomplish;

→ [url]http://my-store-url/en/cpu/amd-socket-am2/[/url]

while also having

→ [url]http://my-store-url/en/motherboards/amd-socket-am2/[/url]

When I try and make two categories with the SEO ‘amd-socket-am2’ it re-names the most recently made one to ‘amd-socket-am2-1’.

Is this a bug? Is it deliberate?


It’s deliberate. Any time you have the same title whether it be a category or product, the system will add numbers to the end to distinguish the difference.

Not sure why it is this way since the rest of the url is different but I guess the system doesn’t realize it when it is creating it.

If you make them in this order:

  1. [URL]http://my-store-url/en/cpu/amd-socket-am2/[/URL]
  2. [URL=“http://my-store-url/en/motherboards/amd-socket-am2/”]http://my-store-url/en/motherboards/amd-socket-am2-1/[/URL]

    And then try to enter [URL]http://my-store-url/en/motherboards/amd-socket-am2/[/URL] into your browser. It will take you to [URL]http://my-store-url/en/cpu/amd-socket-am2/[/URL] instead, but the url in your address bar will still say [URL]http://my-store-url/en/motherboards/amd-socket-am2/[/URL].

    The reason I believe is that when you enter this kind of URL, it will look through the database for the first match to amd-socket-am2 and display that page. The first match is the first one made.