SEO URL is changing after product name change

Hi everyone,

I'm running an installation of Ultimate 3.0.3 for a client which contains 2 storefronts. There's an issue at the moment - changing a product name in 'All stores' mode is changing the SEO URL automatically. I was under the impression this shouldn't happen by default. If I change from 'All Stores' to that product's default store and change the name, the URL doesn't change. The 2nd storefront does not seem to be affected at all.

Anyone know why this might be occurring?


It's a bug and was fixed in one of the subsequent V3 releases. If I remember correctly it was 3.0.4 but don't quote me on that!

Update: It was 3.0.6 before the fix was integrated but they published a fix just after the 3.0.4 release.

Here is the fix.

Thanks a lot!!!

I searched everywhere for references to this problem but had no results. You're a champion.