SEO Problem

When I switch on the SEO addon I get shortened URL’s… the problem is that some images don’t show up in catagories… if turn off SEO and url’s become

index.php?disp…gory_id=16 all is okay.

Any idea’s why this is?



It could be because the images are linked to with a relative path. If you change the page’s url the browser will look in the wrong spot for them.

Thats is I would say for sure the problem… but why has it only happened with new images i have added since turning on SEO. Is there a setting in the addon to change relative path to URL’s?


Maybe a cache problem. use Fastest Web Hosting Services | Buy High Quality Hosting to clean the cache.

Hope it helps

I have fixed it by going into HTML of the catagorie and chnaging from /images/image.jpg to to the URL [url]Custom Application Development Software for Business -

This has only happened with 2 images I put on since turning on SEO. All other images are okay with relative path.

Any idea?


well my entire site template disapears, this a disaster!!! I can’t manually adjust all the files, that’s crazy!!

On mac firefox the site is perfect with SEO.

But when i try to view on internet explorer on a PC it looks like ****, blank page with text and ****py links.

Too bad I use mac and didn’t realise this problem till a week later after 25 people called customer support!

These bugs are really starting to get on my nerves.

not to mention the database crashes about once a week since I installed HelpDesk commercial module…

cs-cart staff solved all my problems with a few simple edits.

Be aware that if you customize your template, and you upgrade and re-upload your customized template you will lose a lot of important modifications and you’ll run in to trouble like I did.

All is solved now by uploaded the most recent file in my addons SEO skin template folder.