SEO not working on Pages

I am trying to setup version 2.07.

I’ve created a couple of pages and have the SEO addon going. The SEO seems to be working for my products and categories but not my pages.

For example, I have a page setup called Privacy Policy. According to the cart this page should show up as:


However, it will only show up as:


Am I missing something?

[quote name=‘mikevangels’]Am I missing something?[/QUOTE]

Probably not. SEO is another one of the main aspects of 2.0.x that is chock full of bugs.

This was reported as bug #1141 in the Bug Tracker:


It is confirmed as a feature request even though it appears to be a bug to everyone except the developers - they are claiming that there were no changes in the SEF URLs between 1.3.5 and 2.0.7.