Seo Not Good To 4.2.2

Hi i run in 4.2.2 version. i look my site everyday in google but always down seo rate. i think cs-cart is look again seo 4.2.x

Recently migrated from X Cart to CsCart v3.1 and my site has plummeted like a rock off a cliff for all the organic search terms i was on page 1 in Google and some were position 1, not very happy.

Now it looks like i have to work at SEO all over again just to get back what's been lost.

Is your drop in ranking due to redirects, changes in search words or changes in content? There are a ton of possible reasons, be a little more descriptive.

Swifty, were you able to keep the same URL structure you had in X-Cart? If not, you will need to create re-directs for your important pages.

Kingsleypress what do you mean by url structure?

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Kingsleypress what do you mean by url structure?


I mean the structure of the addresses of the pages in your store. There are different ways to structure the URL. For example, you could have the URL structured like:

All of those could be legitimate addresses to get to your product called “widget1.”

If, in switching to CS-Cart, your URL structure changed from:


then google sees that as a different address. You will lose all ranking for the original URL.

I've checked with my developer and he has informed that X Cart and CsCart have different seo names and simple url for product pages and other sections.

This i assume means i have to create redirects for the different url's, i have asked my developer as to how i can find out what the X Cart url's were but i have another question what is the most efficient and easiest way to create the url redirects as i have never done this before.

If any of your URLs are still in Google, see if you can match the structure using the CS-Cart addon.

Otherwise, yes, you need to create re-directs for any and all URLs that you don't want to permanently lose pagerank for.

Others on here can advise the best way to create the redirects. I've always done mine by hand in .htaccess, but I have a smaller site with only around 400 products and about 700 URLs or so.

In google webmaster tools download the 404 crawl error table, that will give you a start if you have no other sources.


Thanks for the advice to use webmaster 404 crawl error table, i have 108 404's saved in excel.

So i can now start to sort these by using the tool [url=“.HtAccess Redirect Generator - Bulk build 301 redirects - Free”][/url] that should save me a lot of time.