SEO name - numbers appended to URLs

Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere but I’m running into a problem with 2.0.7.

I’m getting numbers appended to category URLs, click this shortened url for an example - [url][/url]

Also, if I try to edit the SEO name, it won’t let me save the new definition. Is this a 2.0.7 bug or have I missed something?

This means that you have other categories with the same name so CS-Cart puts a number at the end. You have multiple categories all named Flowers and Plants even though they’re located under different 1st level categories.

I fixed this by putting the manufacturer (or in your case, you could put the high level category again) into the SEO name field manually and didn’t let CS-Cart create the name automatically.

Hope this helps (and makes sense!)



Testing/Developing 2.0.8 - non-CS-Cart store currently

Thanks Stephanie, that’s did the trick!