Seo Module Use Secondary Category Instead Of Primary Category In Url

It seems that sometimes the SEO module use secondary category, instead of the product’s category in URL.

I have a website which has 46 products, I created a secondary category called “All Products” and assigned all products to it so that users can conveniently browse all products at once. (see

I found a few links cached by google has this secondary category in the URL, e.g.:

This suggests that the SEO module has used this secondary category for URL at one stage. I am sure I never assigned this as a product’s primary category.

This would be a bug. Is there a fix, or how can I change the code to fix it?

I think CSCartRocks SEO Ultimate Add-on would fix that:


Someone else can confirm.

Also submit an XML sitemap to Google Webmasters of URLs you want indexed.

For myself, I have never included the categories in my product URLs. I prefer the format:

for products.

And then for categories I prefer:

I was thinking that having the product category as part of the URL might increase search engine rankings. I am new to SEO and was just kind of guessing.

Quite often the category name also appears as part of the product name, so if the URL contains the category name as well, those key words would appear twice in the URL (and that might increase the weighting?)

At the moment the URLs for my site are ok, as long as the default SEO add-on don't suddenly decide to change them I am ok. Otherwise I can look into the CSCartRocks SEO Ultimate Add-on.

Thanks a lot!