SEO messing up my URLs


Can someone help me figure out how to fix this?

My URL's are being messed up:



When they should be:



Even when I go to edit to the SEO page, it will not let me clean these up, unless I pick a name I don't want.

I don't understand because theres nothing on those pages. If I were to go to thats a blank page.

Thank you!

It is because you have more than one category with the same name. So, for example, you have probably 4 or 5 categories with the name “earrings”. So CS-Cart automatically adds the -en after the second one, then -en-2 after the third one, etc.

One way to solve this is to be more descriptive with your category SEO names. Your SEO names can be totally different than your actual category names. So for the gold earrings, you could rename the “gold” category to gold-earrings

Hope that answers it a little bit.




Ok, thank you so much.

Its just weird that I cannon name a page bracelets/ when theres nothing on it. But I guess if I have bracelets/gold/ then it won't let me. It seemed like the older 1.3.5 allowed me to do this.