SEO issue canonical URLs and 404

My un-indexed pages includes over 35,000 URLs. Bulk of URL issues are caused by “This includes Alternate page with proper canonical tag” and 404 URLs. How can I fix this?

I don’t think CS-Cart has default functionality to fix these issues.
Can anyone recommend solution or add-on to help fix this?


Pages that have canonical alternate page should not be indexed, this is the purpose of the rel=canonical page’s attribute, there is nothing that needs to be done there. Please check the following page for the additional details:

how can I stop 2 URLs being generated then, for eg this is product has canonical URL from unindexed pages in search console.

Only difference is the capital I and lowercase i. How can we stop this or delete this canonical URL?

Also how can I manage all broken links from CS-Cart


The CS-Cart itself, does not generate different links to one URL, so it might be the result of some third party add-on’s work.

Will look into this. What about my 404 URLs they are not on my sitemap. While these products exist, the URLs here in Search console are wrong. image — ImgBB

Some products have language parameter and category in the URL which must be old.
Other products are out of stock. Not sure why they are in 404 list.

On top to make it worse, my sitemap is not being fetched for some reason
image — ImgBB even though it is accessible etc

Links that are not present in sitemap should fall out from Google indexation during sometime.

As I can see, the sitemap of your store is available by the direct link. No 404 error page is displayed for me. So in this case you can check the access logs to your server, for this one page and in case 404 answer is present there, you may contact your server administrator for the reasons of this behavior.

Google hasn’t read your sitemap since 5/31/22. Since there is currently no 404, submit the sitemap again.