SEO friendly version of {$config.current_url} ?

Hi I'm trying to get the current url in a template. If I use:

{$config.http_host}{$http_location}{if $seo_url}{$seo_url.href}{else}/{$config.current_url}

I always get something like:

What I really want is

I can't get the $seo_url variable to work. Is there an up to date list of these variables and where they can be used. Or can someone tell me how to print to screen what variables are available, or does someone know the correct way to achieve this?

Many thanks.

You shouldn't have to mess witht the code at all. By your second example, the SEO addon is not enabled. While you are in there enabling it, you can configure it to be how you want it.

The SEO addon is enabled and working fine. So normally you would get on the address bar etc.

I'm just trying to add something to a template that using the current page url, but want it to be SEO friendly not using query strings.