Seo Friendly Url's When Using The Filters

Hi there, this is my first post because the company who did some things for me are bankrupt a couple of days ago.

My question is about the (not) SEO friendley Url when using the filters on the left. For example watch this link: is the domain ofcourse...

werkhandschoenen is the categorie

And "?features_hadh=46-97856" should be the brand (in Dutch "Merk") for example "M-safe"

So when you go to the filters on the left, whatever filter you will choose, and you choose one, the URL will not be friendly but like "?features_hadh=46-97856". Can somone tell me how to make these URL's friendly?

Thanks in Advanced!


Please search over the marketplace. There were several modules with this feature, I geuss

Use best keyowrd of the relevant business for the URL to going more traffic..

The kewords relevant to your business will help you URL's friendly.