SEO for news content

I recently got rid of my blog and moved all of my old articles and posts to the shopping cart as articles or news content.

The news postings all have SEO friendly urls like but I noticed that unlike pages or categories or products, you can’t add titles, keywords, etc.

I also noticed that I have 210 duplicate titles that can’t be fixed because I have zero control with news.

Would love to see this function improved. I think news can greatly replace posts in blogs but needs to be more SEO friendly.

There's already third party “Blog” addons available so - I would be delighted to be proved wrong on this - I highly doubt CS-Cart will do anything with it. There's third party SEO addons which is one of the greatest success factors with ecommerce stores yet CS-Cart also refuses to put any more effort into the (imo) very poor SEO standards of CS-Cart. Have a look at your site source code and see just how many



tags you have and you'll be horrified. Quite easy to fix yourself with customising templates, but that's beside the point. Out of box, CS-Cart sucks for SEO.

Thanks for suggesting the blog addon, although I've heard mix reviews on it. Plus, the problem with third party addons is that you are at the mercy of CS-Cart changes. I really think problems like this, are something CS-cart should be addressing.

I agree, CS-Cart is terrible with SEO. I think it has worked well in the past but with recent Google changes all of my Cscarts have suffered greatly.

I will say that I was able to fix a lot of the h1 tags because many were due to using particular “wrappers” in blocks. Certain wrappers like “mainbox_general”, in my case, marked all titles in thos blocks as h1. I just made an effort to switch the majority of them to “sidebox_general” and “sidebox_important” wrappers and that fixed a lot of the issues. Still, CS-Cart does fall way behind with SEO practices which I don't understand.

See how the competitors does it: “5 Must Have Features For Ecommerce Blogs”:

I added Rich Snippets to my News, Posts and Testimonials.