SEO addon and 404 errors

Is there any way we can overcome the problem of getting 404 pages with SEO addon installed?

SEO is very useful addon but what I am asking is while SEO addon installed, if we change any URL, disable any product the SEO link of that product generates 404 error page, which is not good search engines give negative rating. Instead if there is a way to avoid generating 404, and the website redirects to homepage or products search page with a small message that “sorry, the product is not available”.

I see some websites have this type of functionality, no matter how you break the URL, it will never generate 404 error. Like this website:

Fossil stella es2861 gold white + FREE SHIPPING |

if we change the URL from gold to xxxxxx

Fossil stella es2861 xxxxxxx white + FREE SHIPPING |

it does not generate any 404, but redirects to a search page with the message

We were unable to find results for “fossil stella es2861 xxxxxxx white”

I was wondering if programmers of cscart can come up with an update of SEO addon and improve the functionality so that it never generates any 404 errors, no matter if the product is removed, or name is changed or wrong URL is entered.


well are you shure it is not just a custom 404 page? it looks like that to me.

i made a small test



I think you are using cscart 3.xx, which might have improved from its previous versions in this respect. I have the latest version of 2.xx family, When I break the link, it does not show like yours showing the whole header and footer intact.