Seo Addon 4.2.4 Bulk Import Redirects


301 SEO redirects is not working corectly

  1. When I activated it at first, everything was good except that 301 redirects were not working
  2. I uninstalled it and reinstalled the addon - this triggered the addon to create a few 301 redirects automatically, not sure why
  3. I realised that the addon has changed the URLs for pretty much most of the products however has not automatically created any redirects for them
  4. There are more than 10K urls that need redirects now and the addon does not allow csv import - certainly not possible to add redirects one by one

    Any help? advice is much appreciated



Usually when you “uninstall” an addon, it deletes the database tables it uses for storing information. Hence when you uninstalled SEO, all your name definitions went bye-bye.

Suggest you get a hold of a backup of your database from your host and restore the cscart_seo_names and cscart_seo_redirects tables from before you uninstalled the addon.

Not usually a good idea to uninstall/install addons since a good addon will in fact clean up after itself upon uninstall.