Send mail via SMTP server

Hello everyone,

I’m facing a problem with Setting up my SMTP server settings, I’m trying to connect to my email from Microsoft 365 using the following credentials:

SMTP host:
SMTP username:
SMTP password: myPassword
Use Encrypted Connection: TLS
Use SMTP authentication: checked

I have made sure that the SMTP authentication is activated for my email and tested it on other tools, but whenever I click “Save” it fails to connect and it gives me the following error:
Screenshot 2023-03-16 134610

have anyone faced this issue before? please let me know how can i connect to my email nd send emails successfully using SMTP server.

I am using CS-Cart Multivendor Ultimate 4.14.2.SP1

thank you in advance to everyone!

I assume you double-checked the credentials of your account? Since this is the most common reason why SMTP refuses to work.
I’m not an Microsoft 365 specialist, but I found something like that in Microsoft documentation: Enable or disable SMTP AUTH in Exchange Online | Microsoft Learn

Also, you may consider switching to Google - I think it’s the most reliable and easy to setup SMTP provider.

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