send email to more than 1 address

Hi All,

does cs cart allow multiple email addresses in the order department email field in Admin>settings>company. I have tried; and , seperators.

I would like to send the order email to 3 or 4 different departments within the company but without having to have 1 pc forward it to another.



Sorted, the seperator is, as thought but CS team say there is a bug in 2.0.12 which is fixed by below

We checked your store version, it is CS-Cart 2.0.12. In this version there was a minor bug with the e-mail address in the “Order department e-mail address” input field, when you entered more than one email address. To fix it, please pass the following steps:

  1. Open the “fn.common.php” file located in the “core” directory of your CS-Cart installation;
  2. Replace this part of code:

    if (!is_array($to)) {

    $__to = array($to);

    } else {

    $__to = $to;

    with this one:

    if (!is_array($to)) {

    $__to = str_replace(‘;’, ‘,’, $to);

    $__to = explode(‘,’, $__to);

    } else {

    $__to = $to;


I would like to know how I can reverse the above option. I had set the email address to go to more than one email address and kept getting errors so now I have set-up a multi recipient address on my domain BUT when I change the email address under settings it still retains the original email addresses. PLEASE help I am now desperate. Where do I change this?


Im not sure if I understand you correctly but in settings>general you have more than 1 email address in the email field seperated by commas…yes, if so just delete the ones you dont want.


Hi John

[quote name=‘johnbol1’]Im not sure if I understand you correctly but in settings>general you have more than 1 email address in the email field seperated by commas



[quote name=‘johnbol1’]just delete the ones you dont want.


It does not work, it still sends mails with both email addresses. hence my post as I cannot seem to find where else I need to change this information.

Attached are two screen shots of what is happening.

Capture = the header of the test mail after changing the email address.

Capt1 = the actual email address - admin



Sorry, dunno.

Maybe clear the cache after changes?

or as you have set it on your domain does it need to be omitted completely from the admin section and just leave it in the domain sectio?


Definitely clear the cache.

But also note that it may retain the old email addresses in existing orders.

So can we use a comma (,) in between multiple emails in version 2.1.2 and 2.1.3?

Yes I do in 2.1.2, but it gives prolems with my payment processor


I use one email address.

Created an email address in the domain with foward to.

Than had that email address foward to 3 different people in our company.

All 3 get the order in case one is not available