Send attachment/attachment link with invoice

I have some attached datasheets with my product, I was wondering if it was possible to include them or a link to them in the invoice/email that is sent to the customer?

Hello, ffvince!

You should make necessary changes in invoice.tpl file (skins/custom_skin/mail/orders/invoice.tpl)

Best regards, Alt-team

What is the action I should add?

I've tried adding variations of this:


{* $Id$ }

* block-description:attachments **}

{if $attachments_data}

{foreach from=$attachments_data item="file"}

{$file.description} ({$file.filesize|formatfilesize}) [{$}]


{/if} ```

but the attachments aren't showing on the email at all.

I've also tried:

 {include file="addons/attachments/blocks/product_tabs/attachments.tpl"}