Selecting a Domain Name at the Time of Registration

Hi Everybody,

While registering a domain name for your website, it’s very important to select the name wisely. This is the first and most important thing that is going to help you a lot in your online promotional campaigns. Especially in search engine ranking because this is the most effective aspect in promotional activities.

So the tip is to select the most specific name related to your business. Remember that the keyword (name of your product/service) should be popular search term with less competition.

There are two things to keep in your mind:

  1. Domain name should be easy to remember and could become a brand in future. This is for your visitors.

  2. Domain name should be selected according to search engines priorities, so that search engines could find your website easily.


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I might be wrong, but I don't think search engines care one bit about the domain name and I do not believe they do any ranking on it.

However, a good name should be easy to remember for customers so they can find you in the future from their own memory. I.e. is much better than, but many of the “English” names are taken by resellers who want to cash in because you want the domain they own. Stay away and try again.