Select Product From A Form And Go Directly To Checkout Page


I’m gonna try to make my request simple 8)

I want to create an online Q&A service where customers can 1) fill in their questions through a web form and then choose “service A” or “service B” from a field (drop down menu). when they click “submit/add to cart”, “service A” or “service B” will be automatically added to the shopping cart and the customer will be automatically redirected to the 2) checkout page.

Basically it would be like ordering/selecting a product by filling out a form instead of going through the normal product pages.

Has anyone done this or something similar before?

All help would be greatly appreciated! :grin:

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You might look at

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’ timestamp=‘1406166670’ post=‘188108’]

You might look at [url=“”][/url]


perfect, just what I needed!! thanks alot! :grin:

Your welcome. You should be able to just drop it into your my_changes/controllers/frontend directory