Select Options Removal ?

Hello I am testing CS-Cart 3.x , Is there any one who can help me with removing select options as its look confusing to some customers like its a catalog and it doesn't give options for customers to actually add the product to the cart ?

So, which option will the customer get when they add it to the cart?

Or do you want to display all the options + the add to cart button in the list? Because that gets pretty messy when you have move than one options (size option, color option, material option, etc.).

right now it shows select option instead of that I rather show add to cart, I am attaching screen shot of what it used to look like in my previous cs-cart v 2.x

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 3.09.33 PM.png

Just change the name in the Administration/Langue area. That will take them to the product detail page to select the options they want and then they can add to the cart from there.

It can't add to the cart if the options aren't selected and you would confuse them more if you added it to their cart with defaults (Like size=S)…