Seeking Addon: Marketing, Newsletter, Database, Product History

Hello - I am seeking help if anyone knows about an add-on(s) that can do the following for our 4.3x version of CS-Cart.

Issues -

Provide the ability to separate various user groups based upon order history for:

* Sales reports in general, to export into csv or excel

* Newsletter: Email retargeting for new, related products

For instance, if we had 5,000 orders and 30% of them purchased a book from a particular author named "Mr. X" in the last 3 years and we were sending out a new release, we would want the ability to:

1. Easily search cs-cart admin area for all prior purchases of any book from Mr. X

2. Easily capture those historical purchases with email address into a user group called "Mr. X buyers"

3. Be able to view all aspects of patterns in related to those purchases. Easily view, the state, country and any other available profile traits to make any sub-group we needed to. Example, new user group emerges as Mr. X Canada, Mr. X UK, Mr. X USA, etc.

3. Be able to then send a specific marketing communication to the group and have it tracked appropriately in the standard cs-cart newsletter interface, or a beef-ed up version should you know one to recommend.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Our cart helps parents of children and young adults with autism find their way through the chaos of the challenges the world presents when you are 'different'.

All my best,