Seeing Where My Customers In Live View

I remember a live view where you could see in real time what your

visitors were doing, pages they were visiting etc.

I can't remember the name of this add on as it was deprecated long ago.

Is there a current add on that gives you a live view of customer activity ?

The Google Analytics view is nothing like the old CS-Cart add on.

Have a look this service -, i think it is best solution

The deprecated add on was called 'Statistics' and it was fun to use.

Much easier to evoke than Google Analytics.

I saw it pop up as a paid add on a few years ago.

Gone for good ???

As this post is old there may be a new add on that does the following.
It was called Statistics in early versions of CS-Cart.
Deprecated ( sadly ) and made available as an add on at a very high price.
I was able to see what logged in customers were doing in real time.
This was great during sales events.
So…is there any current ‘reasonably priced’ add on that will perform this task ?


Realtime statistics addon has one huge disadvantage - your store will slow done.

I recommend you to use Google Analytics realtime report.

Re Google Tag Manager
I can’t seem to find an answer to a fundamental question.
Do I have to place code on every single product page.
GTM keeps rabbiting on about needing to add code to every page
you need activity reported on.
That’s 800 product pages so I MUST be missing something
or have grossly misinterpreted something.
Sure glad I didn’t have to pay for the GTM add on.

Please check my answer in another thread

Try creating a new block in the top panel of the default layout and paste in the google “header” tag code. Then creating a new block in the content section (either of default page and if that doesn’t work then in the content section of the products layout page) and pasting the 2nd lot (body part) of google tag in there … I haven’t tested but similar process worked for creating facebook buttons on the home page, noting the cs-cart add-on doesn’t put the facebook buttons on the homepage. (note in case of facebook buttons I pasted 2nd lot of code in the homepage, not products page).

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It might have been the Power Statistics add-on from Cart-Power?

Statistics was the name of the deprecated add-on, and it was entertaining to use.

Google Analytics is far more difficult to invoke.

A few years back, I noticed it appear as a paid add-on.

Gone forever???

Statistics was fun but apparently a real resource hog and
yes, Google Analytics is a turd on a stick as regards implementation. Currently looking for easier ‘live view’ software.
I am not really interested in all this ‘analytical’ stuff but just want to see the action during sales events.

Try this from Cs-Cart,