Second unit missing


cs cart is missing esential feature and it is second unit.


You create a product which is 1 piece , but its sold only i packages

Sharp Screws 4x40 mm

but the product is only avaible to sale as package of 3 pieces

So multiplikator is needed like in Magento.

Factor, in this case 3. You set it or import via csv. On the product page is Price per unit show and then next on the real price for 3 pieces.

This is an example. There are possible options like package, vessel, palette etc

Two fields in the csv should be also reserved name and factor

Quantity Step on the product page might solve your issue.

For example, you can set per 3.

Customer will only have the option to choose 3,6,9,12,15


You sell called :slight_smile:

Log 2,5 Meter

and customer knows he is buying this log , but this product is only available as 1 item

you can not order 1,5 or 2,5 or something but you order 1 piece

other example

wood floor 1 qm, but this wood floor comes in a package which is only available as package of 5 qm

you cant buy it at the price of 1 qm, you need a factor 5

this is a second price in magento, where the product is defined as describe above

but the second price is only option to buy

it calcuates by factor that price for package, for palete, for bottle for anything

basicvaly you need a input field and factor, or predefined set of fields in cs cart called unit types

csv also should be extened

As i said this is more a feature, improvement.

Image attached how it looks on product page