Searchbox / Category Question

Hi there,

Was wondering if anyone could help with a curious problem I’m having trouble squashing. Have looked through all the forums and tried to solve this problem myself, but to no avail. :confused:

The index page usually displays all the categories for the shop but I’m using it for something else and want another page (let’s call it “shop”) to display the entire top-level list of categories - both on the sidebar and thumbnails in the middle.

In order to make this happen, I had to create another higher-level category called “shop” and put everything inside it. This way - when I went to the shop page, it showed the starting category thumbnails.

In order to not have the “shop” category show up as the only sidebar menu item, I had to set it to “hidden” and so far, so good!

Everything displays correctly, you go to shop and there are all the top level categories of products and the sidebar menu shows the same.

The only problem that’s happened that I can’t fix is that the searchbox only allows one to search from “All Categories”.

If you click on “All Categories” to select a sub-category (such as haircare, skincare, etc) - nothing is there. All Categories is the only selectable search category.

Would anyone know how to have all the other categories (apart from “shop” which is the same as All Categories) show up?

Is this going to have to be a CS-Cart support-team fix?

I’ve attached a small grab of the screen - as much as I could to help illustrate my problem. As you can see, the menu is correct, thumbnails are showing nicely and we’re on the “shop” page - but the searchbox is showing “All Categories”.

Many thanks in advance for anyone’s help!