Searchanise Error

Why the add-on on my Searchanise giving me this message.

[color=red]Store-side sync error.

Click the Force re-indexation button below.

The regular store search is used at the moment. [/color]

I clicked the Force re-indexation button but nothing happened.

please asssit, cheeers


We had to abandon “Searchanise” because sadly it was very unreliable. We had initially walked away from it because of how much it slowed down our site. Then we came back because many of the alternatives were either half written, or responded too slow. Then we started getting the above error amount others from Searchanise and ended up turning it off again. Right now we are using the search from Cart-Power, which is average, but it still needs work too. It's response time when you start typing is kind of slow. They said they are going to change it so hopefully something will come out soon on that.

Ditto to what Clips said. I have had the exact same experience and ended up with the Cart-Power search as well. It is a bit slow but gets the job done.