Searchanise: 4.3.1 Search Does Not Work As Expected


Just notice today that the search bar at the top of the shop does not work as expected or how it used to work pre 4.3.1 upgrade.

We sell car parts and if someone puts in BMW into the search it shows 0 results.

Similar for E46 (which is a model number and very common search term).

The same goes for “Mercedes” which also produces 0 results.

Each term above has over 50 products and Mercedes should have over 800 results.

We have searchandise enabled and when typing it correctly shows products as you type, however it only shows 3 or 4 products and if you click “view all 800 products” at the bottom of the searchandise window it shows 0 results again.

Tried a few things without success, anyone else notice this?


no one else has this issue?


please try to re-index full catalog with Searchanise.

if it doesn't help, please contact CS-Cart support team.

best regards,

WSA team

That was a bug in 4.3.1

Fixed in 4.3.2

[quote name='imac' timestamp='1433927475' post='218148']

That was a bug in 4.3.1

Fixed in 4.3.2


Is there a way to fix it custom in 4.3.1?

And yes, there is a way:

[color=#000000]Please replace the following lines in the app/addons/searchanise/func.php file of your installation:[/color]


if (isset($params['pcode']) && fn_string_not_empty($params['pcode'])) {[/color][color=#000000]

$query_by['product_code'] = trim($params['pcode'])[/color]

[color=#000000]with these ones:[/color]


if (isset($params['pcode']) && fn_string_not_empty($params['pcode'])) {[/color][color=#000000]

if (empty($params['pcode_from_q'])) { // FIXME This is a workaround. See @1-14957 for details.[/color][color=#000000]

$query_by['product_code'] = trim($params['pcode']);[/color][color=#000000]


[color=#000000]After click the "Force re-indexation" in the Searchanise control panel.[/color]

[color=#000000]Thanks to the Searchanise team! They respond very quickly.[/color]