Search Words Issue


I have been running CS-Cart for the past year now and have absolutely loved the software so far. My only issue is that, when creating listings for my products, I've noticed that the “Search Words” section in the “SEO” area does not function as one might think it would.

For example:

I want to add a product called “SolidWorks for Designers Release 2005.” The ONLY way customers will currently find the particular product is by typing one of the following keywords in the search area:

  • SolidWorks
  • SolidWorks for
  • SolidWorks for Designers
  • SolidWorks for Designers Release
  • SolidWorks for Designers Release 2005

    In order to fix this issue, it would make perfect sense to add these keywords in the SEO “Search Words” section:

  • Solid Works, Solidworks, for, Designers, Release, 2005, Software

    By doing this, it should have allowed customers who search for keywords such as “Solidworks 2005” or Solidworks Software" to find this product, but it doesn't work this way. You literally have to type in every single word combination in order for the keywords to be relevant to the product. I'm currently having to use word combination software to accomplish this, which is taking up huge amounts of memory on my server after I've generated all the keywords for the product.

    Think of it like this: for every 6-word product title, it takes over 1,400 word combinations to generate all the possible that customers would use to find the product:

    SolidWorks for Designers Release 2005

    SolidWorks for Designers 2005 Release

    SolidWorks for Release Designers 2005

    SolidWorks for Release 2005 Designers

    SolidWorks for 2005 Designers Release

    SolidWorks for 2005 Release Designers

    SolidWorks Designers for Release 2005

    SolidWorks Designers for 2005 Release

    etc, etc, etc…

    Is there an easier way to fix this issue?



Try using just the product name in search words without using the commas.

You will find that the search doesn't function as well as it should. It's been argued for some time now.