Search With Many Results => 502 Bad Gateway


When doing a search with many hits I get a 502 Bad Gateway response on our site

It seems to be linked to the 'grid' product list. If I change that to any other product list format (like compact) it seems OK.

It may well have been there some time. Just heard about it a few days ago.

3 things changed over the past period:

1) I upgrade to 4.12.2.SP2

2) AB: YoupiTheme (v4.12.2.b ⇒ v4.12.2.c)

3) Our hosting provider moved our platform to VPS

I changed the theme to responsive and still have the issue, so I exclude the youpi upgrade.

Based on some of the other threads here I understand the 502 can be linked to the hosting set-up. Is that the case and should I engage with my hosting provider?

If not, any other ideas?


Was indeed an issue in our hosting set-up. An increase in the size of fastcgi buffers fixed the issue:

Thank you for sharing this information