Search should include products in category that match the search term

I thought that this would come as standard, so a feature request is that cs-cart include the category and products under the category when it is an exact match for the term searched on … seems like a no-brainer to me.

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The default search is almost useless and has been this way since version one.

CS cart has a paid service that may be good but I have no interest in a paid service and would go elsewhere if that style interested me…

Cscart search engine uses MySQL and your request cannot be completed without complex development.

In our addon based on elasticsearch we are using Categories/Features as text for products searching.

It absolutely isn’t useless, it’s just kept simple, without any advanced rules. It’s supposed to fit as many potential stores as possible.
If you need a specific development regarding search, I think it’s reasonable to pay for it? Every company may have different requirements about how their search engine should work.

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Since version one I have used CS cart and it has not done simple searches well and all customers and developers that I have spoken to agree. Keep in mind CS cart came up with a paid service to fix this problem they would not have created this service if there was no need for it…

To say it is useless is subjective I understand.

Lets be objective: Example search for a blue product with stripes it can’t do that correctly It will come up with hundreds of incorrect answers so even if the answer is within the hundreds it is of no use as no customer will look through that many results… That is why I say useless.

I have not been able to have CS cart support fix this or anyone else.

I am now using Cart power’s search it works very well without any special customization. It is very useful and probably can do many advanced searches but I only need a simple search that works well

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Can you please link which add-on you referring to

When the structure of the store is built on categories and products, then searching on computer(s) should return the category computers and anything under it. The actual SQL for that wouldn’t be complicated at all.


I agree, I have used it for years

I think you were one of the ones who suggested it to me - thank you.

I can’t imagine how I survived without it in the past. My search actually works now…