Search Returns Nothing

Hey guys,

I'm using 4.2.4 and my Search block doesn't seem to be working at all. When you type in a keyword, it redirects to:

The location listed is:

HomeAdvanced searchSearch results

However there are no results returned no matter what keyword you put in.. Not sure if code broke or something.. any ideas where I can look to fix this?


I discovered that "search-for-products.html" was an SEO setting I had created.. I removed that and that didn't fix anything either.

I decided I was due to upgrade anyways.. It's working now that I did.

Looks like issue was caused by duplicated .html extension

I removed the secondary .html and it had the same results.. unless it was some sort of issue with the redirect .. but I couldn't find anything in the htaccess or cs-cart config that would indicate anything was incorrect

Hm.. It works for me on the local installation (but I have another SEO settings)

Yah somethen was screwy.. After upgrading to a newer version it's working again.. oh well. I appreciate you looking though