search results

When searching for a product on my website hundreds of non relevant results are displayed…the search settings seem to be pulling results from the product description and brings up too many results that way. Is there a way to have the products searched only by the meta data, search words, and product title?


Hello Iuvlylavnder!

Please try to do the following and see if it works for you.

Find the following file: skins/your_skin/customer/common_templates/search.tpl

Replace the following piece of code


Best regards, Alt-team

Thanks, I ended up changing some values in fn.catalog.php and that seemed to work…Thanks for your response and I will make note to also look in the search tpl for future reference. I have another post here titled subcategories and have not been able to figure that one out as of yet, If you are familiar with working with template files I would appreciate it if you could tke a look at my other post and see if you know how to fix that.