Search Not Working

My search is not returning any results at all. The block in which the item exists has severaL different functions and none of them are returning any results. My upgrades are up to date. I see that this is an old issue but don't see the solution.

Please Let me know how to correct this

Start from disabling 3rd party module. If possible, please share URL of your website

Looks like Main content block is disabled on the Search result layout page. Please check

eCom- The Main Content block on the layout page is not disabled. It has the choices as here.

The search block on the Home page looks like below. where else can I look. I tried looking for a search template but I see only 2 lines of code

Let me explain.

Default Search results layout page is used for the dispatch. Since search in pages is enabled in your store, another dispatch is used to display search results - search.results.

If store does not have layout page for this dispatch, Default layout page is used. As this page does not contain Main content block, you see empty page.

Please check

ecom- Is there a block that I can put on that pg to fix it? I had activated searchanese but I don,t need that advanced a search addon. and I disabled it. Do you think the program is interferring with the search block?

Also I have looked thru the templates and blocks but cannot find the right block. Any More suggestions?

Thanks for your time

Jut go to the Default layout page and add Main content block to the CONTENT grid

Currently I am managing the website, I am also experiencing the status of search engine activity is not accurate, for example, I searched the keyword "apple", the results returned incorrect and there many unrelated products

Thank you ecom- it is working.

I am sorry that I wasted my time and yours. I do not like this at all. It takes me to a page that has a list of many products not only the one I am searching for.

My old search listed 2-3 products (right under the search box on the same page) similar to the name I searched for, that I can click on and go right to the product page.

I have a catalog button on the menu that is just as useful as this. It works similar to the searchanise

Is there any way that I can insert the code from the 2.1.3 cart. I really do not want to pay for searchanise for the 60 products I have if I don't have to.

Or is there any way I can alter this block to do the same thing?

If you have the time, go to and you can see what I am talking about.

Thanks again for your efforts

Please provide me with the example of search query

[attachment=13134:search shot cart present cart.jpg]- ok ecom here it is

search shot cart present cart.jpg

You can check marketplace for search addons. Some of them offers suggestion feature and one time payment is required


Thank you. Appreciate your help.