Search Marketing Group

I just recently had my cscart completely reconstructed by Search Marketing Group. These guys are amazing. They started out with an analysis of my original site of what was needed to increase conversion rates. From there I hired them to redo the entire site. They redid the entire design and made it overall much more user friendly. It is still in progress, but so far I am extremely pleased with these guys. They will also be helping me with the SEO aspect of it. They have a small team of people that work closely among themselves and with you. The communication is top notch. I love these guys! The new skin is currently up if you want to take a look.

Hi Moka,

Your site definitely looks improved considering the last time I visited was two years ago?

While you are at it, I would recommend ‘’ for a review or two - it helps to understand your customers and you can even choose your customer base to test your website against.

Lastly, you didn’t provide a link to ‘Search Marketing Group’ - Google is flooded with these queries so I’m asking for future visitors what their details are :)


Thanks Jesse… the link is up now. :)

I’ve used on my previous site twice. Thanks for the reminder. I will have to try it again!