Search "for" Vendors!

Hi, I need to be able to use the search bar to search for products as well as VENDOR, E-Com Labs I loved all your solutions, just browsing through the forum, I'm hoping you can crack this one for me as well.

The goal essentially is, a customer searches for ex. walmart in the search bar and it should show up a walmart's vendor information page

How would I go about achieving this goal, I am new to both CS Cart and php coding, but loving the experience so far!

You would need to extend the search functionality to look explicitly for a match within company names. If you are wanting this to be an exclusive search if a match, it ca easily be done in a hook. If you are wanting it to match a company as well as any product then it can still be done, but the search query would need to be extended to include cscart_companies and so a match on 'company'.

Yes, it is possible. But I cannot describe it in few sentences. This is quite complex work

Good day to both of you Ecom and tbirnseth!

Thank you for your answers, I have figured this out, but I am now looking for an Add-On that has suggested queries/searches and also shows vendors in the drop down list of the search bar (not the results page) ? an example of this would be, their search bar for example where if I search for "wings", it would show me restaurants (VENDOR) that wings in their name and also show me dishes of wings (PRODUCT)