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Hey all,

i have a strange problem on 3 of my storefronts.Two storefronts are working though, so i was able to narrow down the problem.

On my affected storefronts the search is not displayed correctly. The link goes to “dispatch=search.results”

On the other two storefronts where the search works, the search goes to “”

The strange thing is that the blocks are configured identically and on the three “broken” storefronts i can deactivate the blocks on the search-result page… it has no effect. As if the layout was not active.

What can i do? Or where can i find the setting for this?




This is the Search also in: Pages setting causing such a behavior. Pleas open the Settings > General page of your admin panel and disable this checkbox if you don’t want for the search results to include pages.


thanks for the tip. This option is always deactivated and is not used on any storefront.
Nevertheless, the search is “broken”

Have you selected the “broken” store-front before checking the mentioned setting value?

Yes, I have checked the general setting “All” (this is not active) and each individual storefront (also not active)


Could you please try to clear the cache of your installation? There is a chance that this setting was cached.

Unfortunately, this does not lead to the desired result either. The search is still faulty

I can assume that the code of the search block is not correct. It does not take into account the mentioned setting. It can be 3rd party addon or theme related


i’m slowly losing my nerves :confounded:
I deleted the layout-page “Search results” and created a new one with the controller “” and all necessary blocks.

I have emptied the chace and tried different browsers. The layout of the configured search page is not used in my storefronts. For example, i can deactivate the breadcrumbs block in the layout block, but the block is visible in live mode.

I have deactivated all plugons on the dev-server and also activated the default theme. The search is - strangely enough only on some - of my storefronts broken or the defined layout does not work.

What should i do?

When i run the search, ?subcats=Y&pcode_from_q=Y&pshort=Y&pfull=Y&pname=Y&pkeywords=Y&search_performed=Y&cid=0&q=shirt&dispatch=search.results is loaded

If i change the url manually to, everything fits. The layout is also addressed by my template.

Where can I reset the search-controller???

On the default theme the URL depends on the mentioned setting (you can check this on the demo). Something wrong with your installation


hmm, ok. let’s start again from the beginning.

  • I have now activated the “Search in pages” setting under “All” - the search is now destroyed everywhere
  • I have now deactivated it in every single storefront and saved it
  • now it works correctly again on all storefronts

Wow. So the behavior is very “buggy” but ok if it works like this.
Thanks a lot for the support and help

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