Search Add-On That Cooperates With Age Restriction

Hi everyone -

I'm using the built in age restriction for one category. I have a few questions:

1) Any way to make the age restriction thing a drop down menu to choose your birth date, instead of just entering a typed-in number?

2) If a user has their b-day entered in their account and it's above my age limit, is the restriction lifted automatically as long as theyre logged in? I thought I tried it and it still made my user enter their age, despite their b-day being saved in their account as well above my age limit, but maybe I'm missing something.

3) I want to add a search add-on but I can't seem to find one that mentions anything about age restriction - I need something that, if they have not put their age into the system yet, it wont return anything from the age-restricted category. Is this even a thing?


edit: eh... this may be better in the cs-cart specific area :neutral:


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